Hello! Call me Deja. 

Professional – Innovative – Eccentric

An artistic statement:

Deja-Nearahe Graeper is a young graphic designer currently working out of RVA and NYC. Their work is reflective of personal experiences combined with client needs and fresh, out-of-the-box ideas. This designer works with topics and design that can extend to education, employment, advertising and more. Additionally various themes including failure, society, the unordinary, etc. can be found within the various design work. With a knack for the obscure and surreal, she works closely with clients, ideas, and breaking rules in unique specific ways to push designs just a little further. Analog and digital processes are instituted to create dynamic, innovative products. She has a good command over prints and web based implements of design that include posters, logos, banners, and book design. The graphic designer described is passionate and responsible. She is dedicated to the work, experience, and herself. A true designer that doesn’t rest until progress and growth are made.

Please feel free to contact me through my art email: dejanea.art@gmail.com